Armstrong Chiropractic Caring for the Community

Caring for Our Community

Armstrong Chiropractic Community Outreach

Here at Armstrong Chiropractic we care for our community. Our care for the community is shown not only at the office in every patient treated, but our care also extends outside of the office walls. 

Chiropractic Care for Veterans

PAFB Volunteer Chiropractor

Dr. Armstrong and his team have cared for and served active duty personnel at Patrick Air Force Base(the 45th Space Wing) from 2013-2018. While serving at the 45th Space Wing, Dr. Armstrong was an American Red Cross Chiropractic Volunteer.

In addition to supporting the active duty personnel, Dr. Armstrong has supported veterans in need since 2002 through Operation Stand Down.

2015 Cocoa Armory Stand Down

2015 FCA National Humanitarian of the Year

FCA Humanitarian Award

In 2015, Dr. Armstrong was awarded the 2015 Florida Chiropractic Association Humanitarian of the Year. He received this award for his 5 years of Chiropractic service to the men and women serving at Patrick Air Force Base.

Brevard County Stand Down
Patriot Project Logo

The Patriot Project

Dr. Armstrong also works with the Patriot Project to bring Chiropractic care to military bases across the world. He is serving as the Patriot Project Director of Florida, which currently has 50 doctors providing care throughout the state.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team Volunteer Chiropractor

Brevard County Sheriff's Office
Brevard County SWAT Volunteer Chiropractor
Brevard County Sheriff SWAT Volunteer Chiropractor

Travels with the Team

Dr. Armstrong travels with the SWAT Team to International competition.


Quality Care Every Year

Dr. Armstrong has provided quality chiropractic care to the SWAT team every year since 1998. 


Ready for the Competition

Dr. Armstrong adjusts the team to keep them ready and their backs in shape.

Chiropractic Care for Firefighters

Caring for the Firefighters that Fought the Mother’s Day Fires

In  2008, Dr. Armstrong provided Chiropractic Care during the Mother’s Day Fires in South Brevard, His services were requested by the Brevard County Fire Rescue On-Site Command. 

There were over 200 firefighters from statewide response who were treated. For his volunteer services  he was made an Honorary Member of the Malabar Fire Department.

2008 Mother's Day Fires

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